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The Juice Diaries: Day 3

The final day!

I went to work at 7:00, and was famished until I had my first juice at 8:00. I did not feel sleepy, and my head was clearer than it has been in a while! I would talk about being more focused, but I’m writing a blog post instead of working right now, so that point may be moot. I was hungry all day, but not so much that I couldn’t survive… The bigger problem was just wanting to EAT SOMETHING. It all started when my coworkers starting microwaving their lunches in the break room next to my office. Their food smelled dee.lish.ous. (I know that’s not how you spell delicious. Just work with me here, okay?) From then on, I had some major food cravings. But I stayed strong! (Sort of.) Well, I didn’t eat anything anyway. I knew I had some organic chicken broth at home, and I thought if I could just have some watered down broth when I got there, I would be okay until Tuesday… But Jade convinced me of how proud of myself I would be if I stuck it out. And so I did! My last juice was at 6:00, and that took away a lot of cravings. And then I went to bed pretty early to avoid any more temptations to eat.

As far as the juices go, I genuinely liked them by day 3. Except for #4, because the cayenne hurt my throat. But otherwise I enjoyed them!

Now today, the day after, I feel great! I slept so well last night, and I woke up feeling alert and ready for my day! I was not craving all kinds of junk or sugar or anything. I feel lighter, healthier, and I feel so good about myself. I lost 4 pounds, and a lot of my belly pooch. I started my day with some organic broth, and a couple hours later had a banana. Then for lunch I had a salad with spinach, green peppers, onions, cucumber, avocado, and olive oil. And a few gluten free pretzels. Trying to ease my way back into the eating thing.

All told, looking back? I would definitely do this cleanse again! And I probably will eventually. Next time it will be even easier, since I’ll know what to expect and how to prepare myself for it. And I would definitely recommend the Ritual Cleanse Reset; the juices give you all the nutrients you need, and give you enough energy to go about your regular activities. I’m happy I did the three days- especially for the first time- but I know even a one day cleanse would be helpful for me in the future if I just need a boost and want to give my body a little rest.

Juice cleanse #1: Success! (And I’m kind of proud of myself, too.) 🙂



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