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My 100 Things, Part 1

At the beginning of 2011 I was kind of in a rut. I was okay with life, but I was just sort of existing. I love being at home too much to just go out and DO all the time. I like to just be. And I certainly was not living live to the fullest. On January 1, I learned about Jesse Brisendine’s 1 Year 1000 Things Challenge. This fascinated me and I began following his challenges. About two weeks into the new year I had an idea: what if I would do the challenge, too, but on a very small scale? I decided to try to do at least one thing every month that I had never done before. But… what to do? As soon as I grabbed a pen and paper, my mind went completely blank. Then my brother came to see me, and with his help I soon had a nice sized list to get started on. I made plans for Thing Number One: Eat Sushi.

But just as quickly, plans changed. I suddenly needed to go to Mexico to stay with my sister’s two youngest children for a week. This was going to take me into February. Had my adventure derailed before it even began? No! The Go With the Flow plan was set in motion. I would just add new things to my list, incorporating my trip into the challenge!

So without further ado, here is January:

1. Book a flight to go on a trip the same day. I’m a planner. I plan things. Ahead of time. I like to know what’s going on. So this was definitely a new thing. It was kind of fun! The beginning of my New Things adventure.
2. Drive in a foreign country. I had been to Mexico 6 or so times before this, but I had never driven a car there. I don’t speaka Espanish and I wasn’t very familiar with the roads. This time, I didn’t have a choice. I was nervous, but I made it all the way out of town and back to the home! 



3. Get snowed into Mexico. And don’t panic. This wasn’t really something I could claim as having accomplished it myself. Except for the not panicking part. There was a snow storm at home that resulted in my flight out being cancelled. I kind of needed to get back to work, as I had been gone for a week by this time. But there was nothing that could be done, so I relaxed and enjoyed the extra day with the family. And you know what? Everyone survived and it was just fine. More than fine, it was wonderful.
4. Eat Sushi. It was… okay. Not sure what all the fuss is. I liked my friend’s fried rice much better. But I made a whole meal of my sushi, and it made me happy that I had branched out and tried something new.


Somewhere along the way, as my list of things accomplished started getting longer, I decided to go big and try to do 100 new things in 2011. I probably won’t share them all here, but you’ll see quite a few of them. (Whoever “you” are.)

p.s. I used to use Blogger and am new to WordPress. I think it hates me. Why can’t I make my photos bigger? Why can’t I find anything? Where did my life go so wrong? Anyway, I’m still learning here, so please be gentle.


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