My name is Sarah. I don’t really live in a tree house. I live above an 81 year old general-store-turned-cafe in an apartment that I love so much I never want to leave it. To get to my door you have to ascend around 20 steps, and a 5 year old friend once said that my house is like a tree house. So I’ll call it a tree house for now.

I have many food intolerances. (Or allergies, if that’s what you want to call them.) Learning to cook around those allergies is a process, since I still want to eat delicious food that doesn’t make me want to bash my head against a wall. This sometimes ends up being some pretty weird food, but it usually tries to be healthy.  It’s always gluten free, and almost always dairy free. And sometimes it’s brownies with a ton of sugar in them. I’ve sworn off sewing and general crafty-ness for years, until I recently discovered that I actually like sewing things, and painting ugly things to make them pretty and using them in my home. I love books and music and movies and crossword puzzles and tea. And sometimes I just like to talk nonsense. Here, I shall talk about all of these things.

Welcome to my tree house life.



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