Dear Child

Dear Child,

I prayed for you tonight.

I sat in the rocking chair in your bedroom in my home, and I prayed.

I don’t know your name. I don’t know if you’re a boy or a girl, a baby or a toddler. I don’t know the color of your skin or your hair or your eyes. I don’t know when you’ll come to be a part of my family- it could be next week or next month or next year or tomorrow- and I don’t know how long you’ll stay when you come. But I do know this: I already love you.

I know that when you come, you won’t be mine forever. But that won’t change my love for you, or the fact that I already know you’ll be in my heart forever. And no matter how much I know it will hurt to say goodbye to you at the end, that won’t stop me from loving you with all my heart while you’re here.

While you’re with me, I will tell you about Jesus. I’ll tell you how much He loves you and how He will always be with you. I will take care of you and feed you, read you stories and rock you to sleep, and I will be grateful for every day that I get to have with you. I know that those days won’t all be easy, but I will still do my best to be grateful even on the hard days.

I know it will hurt to be away from your family. You’ll be sad because my home isn’t familiar, and your family isn’t here. You don’t deserve any of the things that have happened to you in your tiny life, and I want you to know that I’m sorry. When you’re hurting, I will hold you and listen to you and probably cry with you. I promise to do my very best to be the home that you need while you’re here.

And no matter what has happened to you, I want you to know this:

You are safe here.




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5 responses to “Dear Child

  1. Vera

    God bless your ministry abundantly!!!

  2. Wow, Sarah. This touches my heart and I am so excited for the day that I have my own home and can move forward with my dream of foster mom-hood too. I’m so grateful to have found you through the Start Experiment!

    • Thank you for those kind words! I’m so happy to have found other people with the same dream as mine! Knowing I’m not alone makes me feel like maybe I’m not so crazy to think I can do this. 🙂

  3. I was doing a google search for single foster moms and found your blog! Hope you don’t mind if I follow along and read your entries – it’s something I hope to be able to start within the next year or so, and I’m trying to get all the info and experience wisdom I can in the meantime! 🙂 Blessings

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