On Running From Problems

I listen to music quite a bit while I’m working. I often have a “moment” with a certain song where I suddenly get the feels, and I’m all, THIS. THIS RIGHT HERE. This song did that today.

The Weight of Lies
by The Avett Brothers

the weight of lies will bring you down
and follow you to every town
cause nothing happens here
that doesn’t happen there
so when you run make sure you run
to something and not away from
cause lies don’t need an aeroplaneĀ 
to chase you anywhere

Running away from problems never fixed anything. I need to run toward them and deal with them. Only then will it do any good to move on to something /somewhere else. If I’m running, there had better not be anything behind me that I’m avoiding. Because when I pause, whatever I am running from will still be right there. I won’t have moved away from it at all.

Am I running away from problems or toward solutions?



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