The Juice Diaries

It’s the night before I begin my first ever juice cleanse. I am exhausted. I left a big pile of work on my desk because I just couldn’t do it. My job is overwhelming right now. I would give anything to quit my job and become a full time sleep study subject. They have those, right? Right? Well, WHY NOT? I come home at night, and I can’t bring myself to clean up the house, so that just keeps getting dirtier. Now my house is a depressing hole.

Do I expect the juice cleanse to fix all this? Of course not. But with the health issues I have, I am hoping that this cleanse will reset my system, and give me the boost I need to come back to work on Monday, focused and ready for a new week. A week when I can get all my work done and feel good about it. A week with no reactions due to weird food intolerances. And since I’ll be hanging out at home with my juices tomorrow, maybe I can end up with a clean house out of the deal, too. Plus, this way there will be no cooking, so maybe I can get the dishes all clean at once.

Stay tuned for first juice impressions.

This makes me strangely excited:




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3 responses to “The Juice Diaries

  1. I have been curious about juice cleansing. I will check back for updates, and that’s funny about the sleep study thing. I used to say that all the time when I had to work two jobs. Gosh, that was exhausting!

    • So far so good! I’m at the end of day 1 and while it wasn’t the easiest, it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever done, either. I can already tell a difference, and think the next 2 days will be even better!

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